The UK's pionnering purpose driven academy, agency & production company

At G.A.P Entertainment specialise in the development, production and promotion of purpose driven entertainment with aims to do more than entertain but also to empower through performing and creative arts.

We aim to maximise industry awareness and provide a platform of positive opportunities for under and/or miss-represented groups within arts, media & entertainment. 

We work with both, professional and amateur performers, producers & organisations, to bring forth theatre (touring & non-touring), film, TV, Video, small to large scale events as well as performing & creative arts projects to engage, educate and empower.
We are educating & equipping through G.A.P Academy, edifying & enabling through G.A.P Talent Management and empowering all through G.A.P Entertainment events and productions.

G.A.P Entertainment is a BME led, faith-based, purpose driven arts organization for diverse audiences, dedicated to inspiring and engaging people of all ages, but especially young people, of differing perspectives and abilities, and empowering them to explore the world – on their own terms – finding their own voice through performing arts.

G.A.P works with some of the UK’s most exciting creative practitioners and arts organisations to develop, produce and present innovative and a broad range of work that is honest, refreshing and international in outlook.

At G.A.P, we believe in:

-  bringing art to young people and young people to art

-  pushing the boundaries of what arts for young audiences can be

-  opening doors and providing a platform for everyone

-  speaking to the audience of today, not just creating the audience of the future

-  diversity. Because the world is diverse.

At G.A.P, we strive to push the boundaries of imagination in everything that we do; welcoming families, schools, and young people for unforgettable artistic experiences that will expand horizons, change perspectives, and challenge how we all see and understand each other.

 What We Do 
:  We stand in the gap for marginalised communities, who lack access to arts due various diversifying factors and act as bridge to re-present the miss-represented and/or the under represented in the arts. Our target groups are the B.A.M.E community, Young People especially those at a dis-advantage, Women & Faith Groups.


Our organisation is divided into three main departments;

1) Academy, where we provide regular training opportunities in the community for all ages groups.

2) Agency, we develop, promote and source opportunities for upcoming talent,


3) Production Company, where we create diverse artistic events such as concerts, networking events, conventions as well as diverse original TV, Film & Theatre productions reflecting the voices of the communities in which we serve and presenting to a wider audience.