G.A.P Academy will be put forward for the following examinations in arts. They will work towards these exams during academy sessions and through regular private lessons.


Trinity College Drama & Performing Arts Exams

Next exam date: June 2020


Arts Awards

Portfolio Due Date - July 2020


Next exam date: December 2020


NATD  dance exams

Next exam date - March 2020


NATD aims to promote the enjoyment and knowledge of a variety of dance genres through our teachers' passion andcommitment to the art form. It offers an extensive range of dance forms with a comprehensive range of carefully developed graded syllabi for the amateur and professional. The aim of all our examinations is to encourage a positive approach to achievement and strive for the development of each individual to their maximum potential.


The Next Examination season will be in the Summer 2020, Only members who join before April 2020 will be entered for exams.

(All academy kids will work towards these exams throughout the year)



Exams will be held in:



*Dance (Grades 1-6)




*One Dance Test/Popular Dance Tests 



*Gold Cross 

*Gold bar 



*Presidents Award 

*Premier Award 




  • Theatrical

  • Freestyle Disco

  • Dancesport


On Passing each exam, the Dancer will be awarded a certificate which holds their qualification and an N.A.T.D trophy/Medal (from the image above) that represents their Exam level.