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Run: October 2018-March 2019

Directed by: Sadé Davis & Laura Wynter

Based of the choreo poem by: Ntzoke Shange

Adapted by : Sadé Davis

'For Colored Girls' is a life changing collection of vivid prose and free verse narratives about and performed by Black women. Capturing the brutal, tender and dramatic lives of contemporary Black women, For Colored Girls... offers a transformative, riveting evening of hard hitting dance, music and poetry.

Cast: Chereis Sewell, Pre Krystal, Laura Auntm Rai, Joellah Olivia, Sadé Davis, Suzan Spence, Milicent  Francis, Janae Vito, Ethan Francis, Serena Laidley, Danielle Davic, Charm Jones & Chris Edwards.