[Updated from August 29th 2018]





All members need to sign in and out of session. Parents must ensure that G.A.P hold all relevant contact details (parents details if under 18), emergency contact details, and medical information for all members to keep in line with health and safety regulations. No member can partake in sessions if this information is not provided.



Saturday Academy Classes

£12 full day | £6 Half Day | £3 Saturday classes can be paid on the day in cash or online only in monthly instalments. Payments need to be paid before class or your child will not be able to participate. GAP Talent Management members must attend for the full day.


Siblings are discounted at 10% off


Members Online Payments

Saturday Monthly online payments will be discounted £40 a month and are non-refundable or non-transferable unless the class is cancelled. Online payments need to paid48hrs before the 1st class of the month.


Competition Team Classes

£30 per month, is required in monthly payments only as is due on or before the first class of the month. This includes £20 for 4 competition classes £10 for two compulsory private lessons.


Competitions are usually £15 pp on average (not including weekenders or conventions) this needs to be paid the week before the competition.

Competition classes are mandatory to ALL competitors who want to dance in team and requires commitment to the team. Competition class runs on a term by term basis, your child can only re/join team at the start of each term.  There will be 1 competition each term.

New members need to attend the academy for a month & have purchased the full academy uniform before they join the competition team.



GAP will start on the exact time. If your child is more than 10 minutes late for class they will  not be permitted into session. If there are doing multiple sessions in one day they are permitted to participate in the next session and must wait  in reception for the current session to be finished to avoid disturbance. (Only regular authorised lateness i.e coming from another activity will be acceptable). A Late fee will be charged if a child is more 10minutes late being collected after session.



If a member is going to be absent they must make staff aware. If a person is absent with no notice or without valid reason, on a regular basis, they will not be-able to participate in events, performances, competitions & exams. If that person holds a role in a current production their position will be reconsidered and given to a more committed member and smaller role given to that person. GAP is a team effort greater opportunities should be given to more committed members. Members are expected to attend all rehearsal leading up to an upcoming event.



Uniform is compulsory for all GAP academy members, new members must purchase uniform after a month of participating in sessions. Those without appropriate uniform, will not be allowed to participate at events. 

General uniform;

  • GAP Academy T-shirt 

  • Splash paint Harems (girls)

  • Joggers (boys)

  • Black Leotard, Black leggings

  • Coloured skirt

  • Dance shoes

  • Team trainers

Members must wear dance shoes or bare feet for contemporary dance. Bare feet for Acrobatics. Trainers for street dance.at no point should dancer be dancing in socks.

Clothing orders will take place on the last Saturday every month, orders need to placed via the website.



Private lessons are optional to all members to take as they wish in any art form. Privates are compulsory for competitive performers and those taking exams, where lessons needed twice a month. .

Privates can only be cancelled 24hrs in advanced. If privates are not confirmed 24hours before they will be offered to another child. If your child does not show up for confirmed private lesson slot you are still required to pay for this session. Failure to do so would result in no more slots being available to your child and they will not be able to compete.

Parents can book additional privates with teachers in any of our subjects throughout the week.


  1. EXAMS

We encourage all Members to take accredited exams. Members need to sign up 12 weeks before exam to allow enough preparation time. Payments for exams must be 6 weeks before exam date. Payments will not be accepted after the deadlines.


Acting Exams – December

Dance Exams – March

Combined Arts -June


Exams can be taken individually, in pairs or group and range from £15-£45 depending on entry.



It is the Parents responsibility to organise transport to events within the West Midlands.



Members should be fully attentive during sessions and should allow themselves to get distracted by others. No phones are allowed during classes.



Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Those seen to be disrespecting others through the use foul language, ill manners, bullying, threatening behaviour, physical assault will be disciplined accordingly. Members have the right to feel safe and happy during sessions.

Consequences for unacceptable behavior-

Staff have in place a 3 strike warning system

1st warning – Verbal

2nd warning – Sit out of class

3rd warning- Contact parents & appropriate actions will be taken, which may lead to temporary suspension or permanent exclusion.



At G.A.P we believe that praise should be given when its due, so that all progress and positivity will be rewarded. Saturday Academy members (4-18yrs) will be awarded kingdom points by their teachers based on behaviour and achievements during session. Every half-term those who have earned 10 Kingdom points will be rewarded a trip out. At the end each full term the top 5 individuals with the most points will receive an award.


GAP is a faith based organization however this does not prevent non-Christians from partaking in sessions. Members should not feel pressured in taking part in any religious activity. But must be aware that we operate from a biblical standpoint. If a member or parent would not like their child to par-take in any prayer or devotion they must make staff aware of this.



G.A.P is Non-Denominational all GAPs work is bible based where nothing should be added or taken away; any points made should be backed up. Members should think before they speak and not make any one else feel a certain way about what they believe, or how they worship and should not impose or enforce there personal views on others. Any member being affected by this should speak directly to leadership and should not enter into debate during sessions.



Food should not be consumed during sessions. Members should wait till scheduled break times to consume food and are responsible for cleaning up after themselves. No chewing gum is allowed at any time. No eating in carpeted areas. Only water should be brought into studios.



GAP regularly gets invited to minister at events across the country, Members will be chosen by leaders to perform at these events and participants will be selected based on a variety of factors, such as commitment, skill level, age appropriation, punctuality and type of act’s event organisers ask for.  Insufficient funds mean that not all members will be able to attend unless in some-cases a contribution is made. Those selected will be performing in our elite music, dance & drama teams to represent GAP on behalf all academy members. These members must wear uniform when attending the event: Unless they are an official artist or act being managed by GTM in the case where GAP represents them (these artists/acts must sign an additional agreement). The Elite team membership is not permanent members will be replaced if they fail to meet expectations in the previous performance.


These terms are in place to ensure that G.A.P and its members maintain a high standard of excellence in all things and so that Members, Parents & Staff are efficient, effective and equipped to do what we do and do it well. By participating in GAP sessions (or allowing your child to participate), you declare to have read and understood the terms and conditions, and will abide by all the terms stated above. We are happy to have you on our team and appreciate your support of our work and we look forward to greater things to come for all our members.