* To Expand Gospel Arts Productions to 4 British Regions ,( North, South, East, West)

* To increase G.A.P Academy to evening & weekend sessions, with divisions according to age and ability. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To increase our Inspired by arts sessions to local school and youth groups. GOAL ACHIEVED

* Every G.A.P Academy member to learn a musical instrument

* Every G.A.P Academy to be put forward for recognised arts examinations and awards. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To enter our media arts Productions (Short Films, Documentaries) into film festivals. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To purchase a G.A.P mini bus to transport members to classes and events.

* To hold a Gospel Arts Camp every school holiday to include trips to Film studios, TV Sets, Theatres, Arenas, Exhibition centres and Arts Centres.  GOAL ACHIEVED 

* To increase the productivity of our Gospel Talent Management artists, to include album recordings, music video productions, show reels and major scale event ministration across the U and TV/film opportunities. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To produce two stage plays each year, with at least one being a touring production. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To increase our pool of TV/Theatre/Film & music producers, directors, writers, editors, sound engineers and cinematographers. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To hold or sponsor two collaborative arts events a year. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To gain the support and/or sponsorship of other faith based organisations. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To employ part-time and full-time staff on a permanent basis. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To acquire local offices to run our services. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To transform our talent management division into a functioning agency. GOAL ACHIEVED

* Increase our attendance at national events and film festivals. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To develop a Feature film.

* To develop a TV series GOAL ACHIEVED


* To expand Gospel Arts Productions to 10 British regions.

* To own our own national HQ with a fully functioning; dance studio, studio theatre, photography studio, music recording studio, editing suite, class/meeting rooms, staff offices, dining hall and lounge area. GOAL ACHIEVED

* To create a scholarship scheme

* To produce feature films for theatrical distribution

* To develop our own media outlet, (magazine, radio, tv station ect) GOAL ACHIEVED

* To increase our supply of G.A.P Mini Buses.

* To attend international industry events and film festivals. GOAL ACHIEVED