Weekly Academy Classes

On a weekly basis a variation of classes take place at GAP Entertainment for both children and adults. Whether you are looking to elevate your talent or are searching for your talent, this is the place for you. Every class is designed to build strength in talent or fitness.

Take a look at what we offer at GAP and come and join the team!

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Creative Collaborators Hub (Age 16+)

This is a space which allows your to ideas and pitches to be heard. Working with a team of professional screen and script writers.

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Fitness with Legacy 1 Fitness

Legacy 1 Fitness is a local fitness business offering sessions to all age groups in the area. We have partnered with them to improve strength and...

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Adult Dance Class

Offering classes for various dance styles to adults in the local area and surrounding. Come and join us to have fun and learn new moves.

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Social Night (Children & Adults)

Occasionally we hold social nights at our studio to give students the opportunity to engage with each other outside of sessions and have fun.

Dance Competition Class

Those who have trained with us consistently will get the opportunity to compete in national competitions and be a part of our competitions team.

Pre-School Class

This class is designed for those aged 2-4 years to gain basic gymnastic skills and to enhance rhythm and coordination.

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Acting Class

Acting classes for both under 18's and adults. We are here to help you improve your skill and master your talent.

Stage School (Age 5-18)

A range of performing art classes offered in one day. From dance and acrobatics to chior and drama. Suitable for those aged 4 - 18 years,