Street dance, Hip hop, Commercial, Contemporary, Lyrical, Jazz, Musical Theatre, Afro-Fusion & Acrobatics


Academy members will work in small production groups with each member fulfilling a role as a writer, producer, director, camera operator or editor. Getting experience in every step of the production process from pre- to post production for different media platforms.
They will also be studying creative writing on different platforms [ Poetry, Novel writing , Screenwriting ,Playwriting & Song writing] as well as learning writing technicalities in terms of formatting and structure, The youth will learn about the power behind the words produced.


Lessons in self discipline, character development, time management, planning, smart goals, career management, marketing public speaking and entertainment etiquette


Writing, composing, recording original music. Show choir, vocal technique, studio recording, music videos, DJ & music production, keyboard, drums & guitar tuition


Stage and Screen acting is taught at the academy. Each term members work towards a filmed or live theatre production