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Dreamgirls Audition Material

Actor/Singer Auditions

Please submit a self-tape of you performing one of the lead characters by choosing a scene from the scripts below ( Chose any character even if you going for a supporting role).


You will also have to audition a song of your choice

Please record a verse & chorus.

When filming your self-tape please;

1) state your name

2)Give brief details of your performance experience 

3) State the character you will be playing in the audition

4) State the character you wish to perform in the show.


Please label self-tapes with your name and character and show name. e.g Jane Doe - Effie - Dream Girls

We strongly encourage all applicants to audition all skills acting, singing and dance

Please submit your self-tapes to by April 19th 2024

dreamgirls fluyer_edited.jpg

Dancer Auditions

Please submit a 45 second video of your performing any style of dance.

When filming your self-tape please state your name, and give a brief insight into your dance experience. 

We strongly encourage all applicants to audition acting, vocals AND dance.

Please submit your self-tapes to by  April 19th 2024

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