Gospel Arts Productions Academy has a strong focus on teaching self discipline to allow its members to maximize their potential and maintain a higher standard of excellence in all things. The Academy itself is based on the biblical principles of Stewardship, which involves the efficient use of our talents to effectively help others, bringing fourth benefits to this generation and generations to come. G.A.P has a strong focus on equipping the generation of today, with the hope of a better tomorrow, by enabling them to use the performing arts and media arts as an advocate to positively impact their lives and the lives of others: Adding value to their-self and to the Kingdom.

Adhering to our purpose driven perspective; Gospel arts Productions are providing a platform of positive influence, taking a generation off the streets and onto the stage and screen.

No matter what department: Dance, drama, music or media, all projects will be approached in the same way; with  divine direction from the beginning. A part of achieving this mission before beginning a new project,  time is spent  in reflection and discussion of various biblical scriptures, themes and accounts; in relation to the key themes/topics displayed within the project. This is so members can develop understanding of the meaning of the message they are portraying and it will direct their thinking when it comes to piecing the project together.  At the same time this will enable them to perform & produce with understanding, so they are able to communicate a clear message to the audience they are reaching out to.​With that said, G.A.P Academy is considered a major part of the organization, as this is where the community come together, put those talents into practice.