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Gospel Arts Productions Academy has a strong focus on teaching self-discipline to allow its members to maximize their potential and maintain a higher standard of excellence in all things. The Academy itself is based on the biblical principles of Stewardship, which involves the efficient use of our talents to effectively help others, bringing fourth benefits to this generation and generations to come. G.A.P has a strong focus on equipping the generation of today, with the hope of a better tomorrow, by enabling them to use the performing arts and media arts as an advocate to positively impact their lives and the lives of others: Adding value to their-self and to the Kingdom.


Stage School

At G.A.P Academy stage school we train young performers to be a triple threat. Dancers, actors and vocalists.

Every Saturday


Dance Competition Class

G.A.P Academy members who have been training with GAP consistently for 3 months or more, will get the opportunity to compete in national competitions and be part of our national competition team.

Every Tuesday & Thursday

Acting Class

Whether you are new to acting or have some experience, this class is suitable for you.

Every Tuesday & Thursday

Acrobatics & Gymnastics

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Every Wednesday & Saturday

Creative Collaborator Hub

This is a space for people of all ages to come and voice their creative ideas. Whether it is a script for a play or a story for a book, we would love to hear it.

Every Monday

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Creche and Stay & Play

These sessions are designed specifically for them and is a place for them to learn whilst having fun. 

Every Wednesday

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