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Do It Like Me

Calling out all dancers and actors aged 16-25, to audition for GAP Entertainments next film production. 


Audition via self-tape, 

1) state name & location

2) Brief dance experience

3) perform two contrasting dance pieces no longer than 30secs each

4) label tapes with your name and character of interest

upload tape and send link 



Streetdance team: RENAISSANCE

Faith (Female) -  Has conflicting interests , has to make complex decisions to level up or be loyal 

Aisha (Female) -  Dance is all she has going for her

Simone (Female)  - High Maintenance & Bougie 

Ricardo (Male)  - Leader and level-headed person of the dance group

Benny (Male)  - Self-aware and open for wider discussions

Ackeem (Male) - Flirt  

Mel (Female) - Voice of reason

Ray (Male 25+) - Renaissance Dance coach

Contemporary dance team: DREAMS

Leon  (Male)  - Attempts to control the group

Jacob (Male) - Supports and follows the ideas of others

Kiarno  (Male) - Tries to keep peace within the group 

Juliet  (Female)- Continuously boasts about her dancing abilities

Sophia (Female)  - supporting

Angel (Female) - supporting

Georgia (Female) -supporting

Reagan (Female 25+) - Dreams Dance Coach

Dreams Juniors  (Mixed gender 9-11yrs)


Non dance Characters

Monica (20-30) - Aisha Sister who used to dance

Roy - Angel's Dad

Paula - Faiths Mum

Gordon Rowe - Chairman 

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