The UK's pionnering purpose driven academy, agency & production company

At G.A.P Entertainment specialise in the development, production and promotion of purpose driven entertainment with aims to do more than entertain but also to empower through performing and creative arts.

We aim to maximise industry awareness and provide a platform of positive opportunities for under and/or miss-represented groups within arts, media & entertainment. Our four key target areas are projects led and/or aimed at the B.M.E community,  Young people, Women and Faith. 

We work with both, professional and amateur performers, producers & organisations, to bring forth theatre (touring & non-touring), film, TV, Video, small to large scale events as well as performing & creative arts projects to engage, educate and empower.

We want to stand in the gap by acting as bridge to under/miss-represented groups by creating access and providing a platform for untold stories & untapped talent. We are educating & equipping through G.A.P Academy, edifying & enabling through G.A.P Talent Management and empowering all through G.A.P Entertainment events and productions.