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The Gospel According to Annie

In this Modern day Gospel version of the famous Broad musical Little Orphan Annie. An 11year old girl Anastasia 'Annie' Bennet in the search for her estranged parents uses her faith to change the lives and perspective of the people around her and even persuades the big dreamers to dream bigger and believe in their futures.
The full length musical play is an enligtening & empowering take on the orginal musical. The Gospel According to Annie, will make you laugh & cry, and will give you an experience to remeber.​

The cast stars, Comanche Inangorore (Cast 1) & Leah Barnet (Cast 2) as the title character 'Annie'. With Adrian Howe as 'Oliver Monet' , Princess Adjbade as 'Miss Hannigan' & Fiona Spence-Reid as Grace.

Written and Produced by: Sadé Davis

Directed by - Sadé Davis, Stefan Davis & Yeshua Carter
Vocal Coach - Natasha McCollin
Choreography - Mica Elliott
Production Assistant - Andrina Davis

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