When The Music Fades

What would it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet still lose his soul

Original comedy stage play written and directed by Sadè Nicole about the lengths people will go to make it in the cut throat entertainment industry


Nigel fungai, Setor Barnes, Yemi Akinwoleola, Philippa Greaves, Sanchez Cunningham, Naomi Johnson, Beverley Rupere, Jennifer Nwabueze, Charlene Isichei, Wang Gladstone-Dolcey, Vera Kamara, Busayo Majekodumni, Bamidele Bamgboye, Harold Stevens, Melvin Uzomah, Olaide Olaiya, Mica Elliott, Odelia Anyinsah, Abigail Animwa, Lydia, Bez Ekenwa,Sameul Ichocku, Christian Ackah, Rebecca Mckie


Dancers/Backing Vocals; Kayla Rowe, Lashaee Smith, Raeshana Grant, Pariece Spence, Renee Spence-cork, Jenaee Smith.

clip features Naomi Johnson, Jennifer Mordi & Philippa Greaves as they portray Gospel group the Gems in the companies first regional tour.

Darrius (played by Wang Dolcey) charms Unique (played by Vera Kamara) in this clip from When The Music Fades: An Urban Musical 1st Regional Tour.

 Sapphire-Rose (Philippa Greaves) prepares for her solo debut.

Features Harold Stephens, Bamidele Bamgboye, Wang Dolcey, Mica Elliott & Vera Kamara as members of the hip-hop group The Revolution, performing the own rendition of the track Lost Ones.