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Specialising representing the under-represented infront and behind the stage/screen

Join our Agency

Our books our open to diverse performers and creative artists,

please read the information below before applying

Live Concert
Acting Audition


We are on the look out for new performers to join our books

  • Actors 

  • Dancers

  • Singers/Rappers/Musicians

  • Variety Acts

in particular we are looking for more boys, adults and families/sibling groups.


We are particularly looking for 

  • Writers

  • Producers

  • Directors

  • Photo/Videographers

  • Composers/Music Producers

  • Choreographers

  • Hair & Make-up specialist

  • Stylists

Film Production

Joining FAQ


Can you guarantee work?

GAP are fortunate to have a production company where we can guarantee work to our performers in GAP productions. However we can not guarantee for external projects as this would be dependent on successful audition and selection from casting directors and production companies.


Do I have to become a member of GAP to join?

Performers under the age of 18 need to be GAP academy members who train regularly at GAP sessions. Over 18's do not need to be members, however we do encourage our clients to attend gap sessions and events to help form working relationships.


Do I have to be from an Ethnic minority background?

No we accept applications from all backgrounds


Do I have to have experience to join?

We only accept applicants who can evidence that they have had training in the arts, If you have no experience we would recommended training at GAP sessions as a condition of your contract with G.T.M if we wish to still take you on.


Do I have to pay to join?

You do not have to pay to join GAP talent management. However there are fees for Spotlight casting directory and optional portfolio shoots. 


How long is the agency contract?

All contracts with G.T.M are for 1year


Can I join if I have another agent?

Unfortunately not, GAP is a sole agent with the purpose is for GAP to stand in the gap for those that need support to gain access to the industry. If you are able to find other agencies and secure your own work you wouldn't need our services.

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